Cartoon #2 Time-Lapse: Elon Musk and his Floating Cybertruck

Tesla Cybertruck floating on a water surface with a fisherman catching fish

The series with IT and cars related cartoon jokes continues. This was the second one which has been drawn for site where I usually write news and other articles. The cartoon is not new, it has been released several weeks ago when Elon Musk wrote that his new Tesla Cybertruck will float for a while. No one knows what the “for a while” means. The future will show. Nevertheless, it is clear that Tesla Cybertruck will be a very unique car. Now, there is one question left. When will the Cybertruck be really revealed and available for first customers?

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Cartoon #1 Time-Lapse: Intel struggling with 10nm process

Intel and 10nm process – cartoon joke

For website, I am occasionally drawing cartoon jokes with IT topics. One of them is dealing with the fact that the Intel CPU manufacturer has recently got large problems to improve its older manufacturing process whereas other companies are much further.

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