Skoda 100 – Drawing Time-Lapse

Skoda 100 Watercolor Painting drawn in Adobe Fresco with Apple iPad Pro tablet
Skoda 100 Digital Watercolor Painting

Skoda 100 and Skoda 110 were one of the most common cars on road in my childhood. Nevertheless, I have never drawn them so often like Skoda 105 – Skoda 136 vehicles and Skoda Favorit. Nevertheless, I have tried that this time and you can see the process in a time-lapse video.

I have never liked watercolor technique much as the tempera painting is much closer to my heart. Using the Apple iPad Pro and Adobe Fresco software, I have tried the digital version of it as it is much easier to try it and use the trial and error approach. In the video, you can see the process. The pen drawing was drawn over the pencil one and then the following watercolor layer was added in the software. I am not very satisfied with the result but practice makes perfect and I hope it will be better next time.