Cartoon #2 Time-Lapse: Elon Musk and his Floating Cybertruck

Tesla Cybertruck floating on a water surface with a fisherman catching fish

The series with IT and cars related cartoon jokes continues. This was the second one which has been drawn for site where I usually write news and other articles. The cartoon is not new, it has been released several weeks ago when Elon Musk wrote that his new Tesla Cybertruck will float for a while. No one knows what the “for a while” means. The future will show. Nevertheless, it is clear that Tesla Cybertruck will be a very unique car. Now, there is one question left. When will the Cybertruck be really revealed and available for first customers?

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Shutterstock commission cut: What can we expect?

Few days ago, Shutterstock microstock agency introduced a new commission structure which looks totally horrible. It has caused an extreme fury and despair among photographers especially because of resetting the achieved level every year on January 1. In this article, I will try to estimate how large the cut will be in real life. Will it really be such a disaster? Will it be better or worse than expected?

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Ford Escort RS Cosworth – Tempera Painting

Ford Escort RS Cosworth - Tempera Painting
Ford Escort RS Cosworth

Usually, I was drawing using pencils but I was usually afraid of painting. Once, I have overcome my fear, bought some tempera paints and started to paint Ford Escort RS Cosworth car. This was my first big attempt. In the beginning, it was disaster as I have used technique which was similar to watercolor. I really did not like it that time and it did not work for me. Nevertheless, I have tried to make colour a little bit more dense and my despair disappeared. It started to look as intended.

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Skoda 100 – Drawing Time-Lapse

Skoda 100 Watercolor Painting drawn in Adobe Fresco with Apple iPad Pro tablet
Skoda 100 Digital Watercolor Painting

Skoda 100 and Skoda 110 were one of the most common cars on road in my childhood. Nevertheless, I have never drawn them so often like Skoda 105 – Skoda 136 vehicles and Skoda Favorit. Nevertheless, I have tried that this time and you can see the process in a time-lapse video.

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Cartoon #1 Time-Lapse: Intel struggling with 10nm process

Intel and 10nm process – cartoon joke

For website, I am occasionally drawing cartoon jokes with IT topics. One of them is dealing with the fact that the Intel CPU manufacturer has recently got large problems to improve its older manufacturing process whereas other companies are much further.

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Unmasked Skoda Enyaq iV

Skoda Enyaq iV Unmasker
Skoda Enyaq iV with digitally removed camouflage

Skoda Enyaq is the new electric car from Skoda which should be revealed in coming months. So far, there are more or less masked prototypes of this car and Skoda has released some official images of the new SUV. Therefore, I have tried to “unmask” the prototype and reveal the true shapes of the car. You can see the process in a form of time-lapse video on YouTube.

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