Ford Escort RS Cosworth – Tempera Painting

Ford Escort RS Cosworth - Tempera Painting
Ford Escort RS Cosworth

Usually, I was drawing using pencils but I was usually afraid of painting. Once, I have overcome my fear, bought some tempera paints and started to paint Ford Escort RS Cosworth car. This was my first big attempt. In the beginning, it was disaster as I have used technique which was similar to watercolor. I really did not like it that time and it did not work for me. Nevertheless, I have tried to make colour a little bit more dense and my despair disappeared. It started to look as intended.

Even though there are some mistakes and it could have been better, I was more or less satisfied with my result and it convinced me to try tempera paintings again. Since then, I have painted a lot of images using tempera paint. Now, you can but the wall art, mugs, T-shirts, notebooks or other stuff with this image at FineArtAmerica store.

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