Stop CO2 Face Mask

If you are not happy with environment, air pollution caused by industry, transportation and other polluters, you may present your opinion with a new face mask which I have designed at Zazzle website. The mask is available at Artmino shop with others merchandise products. This is available as a car magnet for electric or hybrid vehicles as well and you can customize it for other products if you wish. The mask is available for $18.95.

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#BoycottShutterstock: More than 2 % of images disappeared

Shutterstock logo
Shutterstock® logo

Two weeks ago, Shutterstock released a new commission structure which made a lot of photographers mad. And there was a reason for that. Even though some mistakenly estimated 75% drop (to almost 25 %), I was expecting around 25-35 % for majority of small and middle photographers. Now, two weeks have passed and we may start to look at the first results of commission drops and the boycott of the agency.

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Cartoon #2 Time-Lapse: Elon Musk and his Floating Cybertruck

Tesla Cybertruck floating on a water surface with a fisherman catching fish

The series with IT and cars related cartoon jokes continues. This was the second one which has been drawn for site where I usually write news and other articles. The cartoon is not new, it has been released several weeks ago when Elon Musk wrote that his new Tesla Cybertruck will float for a while. No one knows what the “for a while” means. The future will show. Nevertheless, it is clear that Tesla Cybertruck will be a very unique car. Now, there is one question left. When will the Cybertruck be really revealed and available for first customers?

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